Wednesday, 1 May 2013

USA Road Trip: Lake Mead, Death Valley & YOSEMITE!!!

Lake Mead
yosemite01 yosemite02
Wild Donkeys
yosemite03 yosemite04 yosemite05 yosemite06 yosemite07
yosemite08 yosemite09 yosemite10
Hoover Dam
yosemite11 yosemite12 yosemite13
Art Deco!
yosemite14 yosemite15
Las Vegas
yosemite16 yosemite17 yosemite18
Las Vegas was a dump, so we just drove through fast, or at least tried to. We got stuck in traffic.

Death Valley
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Bob and Ann
yosemite34 yosemite35 yosemite36 yosemite37 yosemite38
First sight of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, by Owens Lake.
Lone Pine Film Museum. It's choc full of old western memorabilia and even has the dentist's cart from Django Unchained!
Mt Whitney, the tallest mountain in the US (Alaska excluded).
Lake Mono
yosemite42 yosemite43
Monitor Pass
yosemite44 yosemite45 yosemite46 yosemite47 yosemite48
YOSEMITE National Park!!!
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