Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bike Frame Update 01

Tom just sent me this photo of my bike frame. It's just about to get welded. I'm really excited!

Check out Tom's website to see some of his finished work -


  1. ran into your blog while doing some research on biking in korea

    nice frame! did you commission this from korea?


  2. Hey Sunghoon!

    Yeah I ordered this from Korea. My friend Tom is a framebuilder back in England. As soon as I found out he was in the business I had a look at his website. It's going to cost be a lot to ship this to Korea, but it'll be worth it.

    Have a look at this post.

    Are you still living in Gyeongju?


  3. Sweet Jesus, he's your friend?! He's been getting a lot of press and the bikes look lovely.

    Look at that headtube!! Will it be a 29er? I can't tell.

    I've moved up to Seoul this past year and I'm getting used to cycling in traffic. I do miss those Gyeongju roads. Your Seoul to Busan trip looks epic! Any chance you'll do it again?